See the BUS 6322 Syllabus used in the one quarter class in valuation at SPU.  

Materials and lecture notes from the course are provided below.

Valuation Reading Materials:

  • Country Risk (pdf)
  • Country Risk (Aswath Damodaran) (web)
  • CostofEquity-DP
  • Lack of Marketability (pdf)
  • Valuation Basics (Study Guide)
  • How to Write a Valuation Executive Summary
  • Recommended Library Resources
Valuation Lecture Notes:  
  • ValuationMethods
  • D&P-Build-up1
  • D&P-Build-up 3
  • Fama-French and IPCPM (under development)
  • MarketMethods
  • DLOM and Control Factors (under revision) the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!